Right from the start, Wendy has understood the value of video, regularly posting vlogs on her buyers agent page. But when it came to doing something bigger, something grander, she came to Cohere Content Studio. Like herself, she wanted a video that stood out, that had some flair and that had a personality all its own.

Wendy prides herself on her personal flair and style and this is something that we both wanted to bring out in her promotional/intro video. To be used as both a stand alone promotional video and as an intro to her popular vlog series, the video needed to be short, punchy, yet encapsulate everything that Wendy is about. Using colour isolation, we were able to grab the audiences attention right from the start, drawing attention to items that showcase Wendy's style and personality. We then used the change in the music to switch gears and jump into Wendy's day to day as a buyers agent, going to auctions, inspecting houses and meeting with clients and real estate agents. The finished product not only shows Wendy's own sense of fashion and style but her professionalism and hustle as well.

What Wendy Has To Say About Cohere