Stewart Fleming Logo.png

Stewart Fleming is an entrepreneur, a business coach and now, in the running for Logan Mayor. He came to us wanting a video campaign that would lead into his official launch, something that would build anticipation around the slogan “Something Big Is Coming To Logan”.

With our initial meeting with Stewart, we had come up with a concept within 5 minutes. He wanted something that would build a buzz, something the people of Logan could get behind. We pitched the idea of a series of 15 second videos, showing Stewart around iconic Logan locations. We also wanted the videos to be black and white, matching the “Something Big” branding.

These videos would be released one at a time, leading into his official launch party. From these videos, we also edited a longer video to be released in conjunction with the launch. This video also included additional footage of Stewart talking about different areas and industries he would like to focus on in his campaign and hopefully as mayor of Logan.

In addition to the campaign, we also did a video to help raise funds and gain volunteers for Stewarts main mayoral campaign. We kept it simple, with Stewart in front of his branded banner, talking about Logan and what he wants to do for the city. His passion for Logan came through naturally and is what we really wanted to highlight in this video.