Podcasts have seen an surge in popularity over the last few years; an easily digestible piece of content that can be listened to anywhere. Unlike almost every other form of content that requires a screen, podcasts can be consumed while walking, working and even cleaning the house, making it a very versatile form of media.

While videos are great for short, punchy messages, podcasts are the go-to for more in-depth, long form discussions. It’s this that makes them a great accompanying piece to your content strategy.

As an ongoing piece of content, we have added podcasts to our content packages, allowing you to have both video and podcast content in your campaign or to run a regular episodic podcast for your audience to enjoy.

Our content packages include:

  • 2 videos/podcasts a month $400

  • 4 videos/podcasts a month $600

  • 6 videos/podcasts a month $800

  • 8 videos/podcasts a month $1000

So what’s involved with creating a campaign?

  • Meeting where we discuss your message, strategy and target market

  • A session once a month where we record all your video/audio content

  • Video/audio edited and sent for upload the following month

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