Since the start of MTV in 1981, video has become a massive part of the music industry. As a band wanting to make it big, it is almost essential now to take your music to the screen.

With most music telling a story or message, it lends itself well to a visual medium like video. Some even play out like short films, with a strong narrative tying in to the music.

 So if you’re a band looking to take things to the next level, our music videos are for you.

As part of our music video service, you get:

  • A creative treatment with video concept

  • 1-2 days filming (depending on concept and locations)

  • Editing, sound mix and colour grade

  • Final music video in 1080p HD

  • One round of revisions

Additionally, we can organise:

  • Actors

  • Drone videography

  • Further revisions

  • Music video trailer

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