Medi Freight Logistics is, as the name suggests, a medical freight and logistics company. They came to us wanting to boost their brand awareness online with a complete content marketing package. As you can imagine, creating content for a company as niche as Medi Freight wasn't easy but with a clear target market we were able to think outside the box and give them visual and informative content for their audience.


Industry Info

When you are creating the content strategy for a business, you need to decide what kind of content works for their service and customers. Usually it comes down to a few options: promotional, educational and/or informative. For a business such as Medi Freight, we decided the majority of the content would lean more towards the informative.

The first piece of content is a staple of many content marketing campaigns. Statistical and informative images such as these serve to educate your audience and hopefully make them go "wow, I didn't know that". 

With posts like these, it is important to keep them visual, which is why we placed the information within a digitally designed image. This helps the audience take in the information and remember it for longer.


This Week In

The 'This Week In' posts follow on from the 'Industry Info' images as another piece of informative content, sharing news from the healthcare and logistics industries of that particular week. This kind of content positions Medi Freight as a thought leader in their field, someone who is constantly keeping up with the latest news, trends and breakthroughs.



When creating information based content, there's nothing more informative than a good old fashioned blog post. Much like the 'This Week In' posts, the blogs take from what's happening in the industry at the current time and serve to further cement Medi Freight as a thought leader within healthcare and logistics.



With so much informative content, we needed to break things up with some photos. These photos serve as the main piece of promotional content posted and are usually accompanied by a service based message and a call to action. 

Map Videos

The map videos are the anchor to Medi Freight's content marketing campaign. Posted daily through the week (Monday-Friday), they give their audience some social proof of sorts, showing Medi Freight is actively delivering to hospitals and clinics around the state. With Cohere completely taking control of the content creation and sourcing, it was hard to use something like location photographs (even though these would be preferred). Medi Freight wanted the weight of social media completely removed from their shoulders, which for a content marketing company, creates a challenge with a piece like this. However we saw this as an opportunity to create a unique piece of daily content and so the map videos were born.

Promotional Video

The promotional video is the main piece of content to drive the Facebook ads. It is important to have something that's engaging and that resonates with the audience which is why video is usually the most effective piece of content for advertising. The other great thing about video is its versatility, able to be posted and shared on most web channels. 

For the Medi Freight video, we wanted a powerful message, something that transcended freight delivery. We asked them why they do what they do. They answered "to help people". This was the basis for the whole video, from the narration to the hospital images cut throughout.