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Good Will Remedy is a country rock/americana band from Brisbane, who were looking to do a music video for their 2018 single ‘Johnny’. Referred to Cohere by a friend, we were in competition with a number of other production companies for the job, with little to no experience to show in producing music videos. You see Cohere has always specialised in promotional and corporate videos, with this to be our first real foray into music videos. This meant we really needed to blow the band away with our concept. The guys already had a loose idea in mind so it was up to us to flesh this idea out and create a visual treatment that could show our vision.

Concept Development/Pre-Production

The concept revolved around the title character ‘Johnny’, who had just split with his wife. She had moved out, taking half of their belongings and literally leaving him sitting in a half empty house. Rather than let the situation consume him, he decides to leave the past behind, jump on his motorcycle and live his life again. This story followed the themes of the song quite closely, meaning shots and elements that directly reflected the lyrics.

As well as a strong story, we wanted a band performance for the narrative elements to weave in to. This meant having a strong location that would work with the concept and genre. Although slightly cliche, a rural property seemed to be the perfect choice, not only working with the country rock vibe but also representing the themes of letting go, living life and being free.

We presented all these elements in a creative treatment, using reference images to show our vision and reflect the story we were wanting to tell. It is this treatment that would win us the job and our first music video.

*Please note we do not own any of the images used in the treatment and these were used purely as reference material and not in the final product. All rights remain with the respective copyright owners.


The shoot for ‘Johnny’ went over two days, the first at a rural property and the second at a suburban house. The rural property was a place out at Kerry, QLD, which was not only beautiful but had multiple spots where we could set up a full band shot as well as individual member shots. We had access to an old cattle pen and windmill as well as the naturally green fields, trees and rolling hills. Almost all the performance shots were done using a gimbal, giving smooth, sweeping shots and allowing movement that could give the shots a sense of energy. We also shot the first lot of the narrative, which was Johnny riding off on his motorcycle. This was a challenge as we had to film him not only riding but close ups of the speedometer, wheels, clutch etc. We did this by mounting the bike on a rolling road, a mount that allowed us to run the bike without it moving. This allowed us to effectively frame up the close ups of the bike safely. For Johnny riding, we did a mix of shots from the side of the road and from a GoPro mounted to the front of the bike.

The second day was all at the house and the main feature of the house that was important was the wooden floors. We really wanted that natural wooden brown to somewhat match the natural elements of the rural property. We also had to clear nearly all the furniture from the main room, showing that Johnny’s wife had left him with nothing and giving that moment an empty feel. Lighting wise we had a large light coming through the window to replicate the sun and used a smoke machine to define the beam of light coming through. We used this as the main light source and kept the room quite dark and moody. All the narrative elements at the house were shot in slow motion, adding to that dramatic feel.


The edit itself was quite simple, as the narrative elements were cut to the lyrics. Visually, we wanted a vibrant, warm colour grade to the performance to really match the positive vibe of the song while the narrative elements in the house were a little more dark and dull. Overall the video cuts at a steady pace, quick enough to match the energy of the performance but slow enough to dwell on those sadder narrative shots.

The video has since become a finalist for the 2019 Las Vegas Global Film Fest.


Our second video for Good Will Remedy was for their 2019 single ‘Juanita’. The concept was a little simpler that that of ‘Johnny’, being purely a live performance piece. The footage was all shot during a gig at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall in Brisbane and shows the guys having fun and in their element.

The video is perfect. Cohere has made this whole thing painless and will definitely be our first point of call in the future.
— Will Lebihan (Good Will Remedy)