Amanda came to us wanting unique visual content that could properly showcase her work. With graphic design being part of her business, she already had the images sorted but was interested in adding video to her content marketing strategy. With some collaboration we came up with three video campaigns that have not only grown her engagement but given her market a greater insight into what she does.


As well as creating content for Amanda, we have also implemented strategies to her social media channels to ensure they are performing at their best. Starting with consistent and peak time posting, we even extended into Instagram hashtag utilisation that saw almost a 100% increase in engagement.



Vlogs were the main piece of content Amanda wanted done and done right. She didn't just want a web cam video, she wanted something that matched the quality of work that she herself produces. Filmed in crisp 4K, we were able to produce two versions for each vlog that would be utilised on different channels. For Facebook, we exported a 1080p HD version that we captioned to be viewable even without sound, something that is becoming increasingly important with the amount of people now watching videos on their phones and while in public. For YouTube, we exported a 4K Ultra HD version. Now while 4K friendly devices are still in their early days, this ensures that Amanda's videos will grow with the best of the current and upcoming technology and not become dated anytime soon. 

Card Clips

Amanda wanted a way to showcase her clients business cards that could capture the different layers and finishes that goes into them. Unlike a picture, she was able to move the cards around and catch the light bouncing off the varnished highlights. 

Behind The Brand

The Behind The Brand clips are taken using a screen capture program that allows Amanda to record her entire design process. We then speed it up, add some music for flavour and export it ready to post. These videos give her audience a rare insight into how much thought and work goes into what she does. 

The team at Cohere were able to double my Instagram engagement, implementing the right tricks and the right hashtags. They also enhanced my Facebook presence with consistent posting and feature videos. Very impressed!
— Amanda Lowry