Hayden is a creative who wears his beliefs on his sleeve (literally). An award winning Videographer and Video Marketer, Hayden understands visuals and knows the power they have in spreading a message.

Hayden studied at the Queensland School of Film and Television, graduating with a Certificate 3 and Diploma in Screen and Media Production. He started as a freelancer, filming everything from short films to sporting events but his first promotional video came from an acquaintance who owned their own wood fired pizza business. Although Hayden did the job for nothing, what he got in return was far more valuable than money, it was a clear direction in his career.

Hayden started his first business soon after, partnering with his equally creative sister to form Vin Image, a graphic design and videography company. While continuing to produce promotional and corporate videos, Hayden would also take control of Vin Image's blog and social media channels as well as assisting in the creation of graphic design projects for Vin Image.

While Vin Image would grow and profit, it hit a plateau. Both Hayden and his sister were restricted by each others different creative visions and goals. While their family bond never wavered, it was time for them to find their own path on a business level. Weighing up his options, Hayden knew he didn't want to just work for anyone else and so Cohere was born.

Now solely at the helm, Hayden has been able to stretch his creative wings, gaining international recognition for his video work in the process. As well as continuing to produce top quality video content, Hayden has also begun to teach the next generation of budding video producers, going back to where it all started, The Queensland School of Film and Television to train part time.